English grammar exercises

Here are some useful English grammar exercises for you. Be sure to come back soon, as I intend to post more exercises regularly.


Present tenseAnswer key

Past Simple and Past ContinuousAnswer key

Past Simple and Present PerfectAnswer key

Present Perfect and Present Perfect ContinuousAnswer key

Past Perfect and used toAnswer key

The futureAnswer key


Can, could, be able to, may, mightAnswer key

Must, mustn't, have to, don't have toAnswer key

DeductionAnswer key


Some, any, noAnswer key

A lot of, much, many, a few, a little, few, littleAnswer key

Each, every, all, both, most, some, none, both, either, neitherAnswer key

Adjectives and adverbs


Adjectives and adverbsAnswer key

Adverbs of frequencyAnswer key