References from my online students

Amal - my online student from Oman

Amal speakingStudent of English, Amal “ I was lucky to be taught by Karl for almost a year to prepare me for my IELTS Exam. He is an excellent teacher with very creative approaches using various teaching techniques, depending on the needs of every student. We learnt various English skills and the lessons were diverse and exciting! By the time of my IELTS exam I noticed considerable improvements in my English language skills and felt confident and managed to pass it comfortably with score 7. ”

Kumi - my online student from Japan

Kumi speakingStudent of English, Kumi “ I have three reasons that I recommend Karl as your English tutor. Firstly, Karl has good teaching skills. His certificate shows his professions as an ESL tutor with appropriate academic background. He uses various materials that both improve my English skills and stimulate my curiosity. Secondly, he has very flexible mind. If you request a special class, he researches the relevant fields and supports you as much as possible. Actually, I had asked him for a mock interview for a national license to be a tour guide for foreign visitors in Japan. Thanks to his coaching, I have got the license. Thirdly, thinking in a logical way is crucial part of English language for especially advanced learners. Answering his questions regarding a topic and talking to Karl about my own opinions has helped me to develop linear thought and clear conclusions. To sum up, he is a reliable, motivated and sophisticated tutor. I think I was lucky to meet him. He teaches me a lot, more than English. ”

Paula - my online student from Spain

Paula speakingStudent of English, Paula “ Hello everyone! My name is Paula. I took Skype English lessons with Karl for a couple of months as I wanted to prepare for Cambridge First Certificate in English and I considered online lessons would be the best option for me as I had a quite busy lifestyle. Thanks to his help during those months I passed the exam and I achieved a good mark despite the fact we had a short time to prepare it. I can honestly recommend these lessons with Karl, he is a great teacher, always willing to help you and passionate about his job. You will learn a lot and what is more important, you will enjoy the lessons! ”

Konstantin - my online student from Russia

Konstantin speakingStudent of English, Konstantin “ Hello, my name is Konstantin. I had been taking Karl's lessons for about two years. During this time I saw drastic improvement of my English skills, both listening and speaking. His lessons consisted of the mix of different grammar and listening exercises and lots and lots of speaking. This approach made learning process engaging, dynamic and entertaining. The only reason why I dropped his lessons is because of my schedule. So for those of you who seek for a really good English tutor, Karl is the best option.”

Rachel - my online student from Switzerland

Rachel speakingStudent of English, Rachel “ Hello everyone! My name is Rachel. I took an examination preparation course (CPE) with Karl over a period of six months. I can honestly say that studying English with Karl has been by far the most enjoyable learning experience I've ever had. In fact, I've rarely met someone as dedicated as him to teaching English with such great professionalism; Karl offers much useful and valuable feedback, he also generously provides additional material for the class. Thanks to his creative and dynamic lessons, helpful advice and patience, I improved my overall accuracy and passed my exam! ”

Mikhail - my online student from Russia

Mikhail speakingStudent of English, Mikhail “ Hello, my name is Mikhail. I took Skype classes with Karl for five months and I had to quit only because I moved to the U.S. in pursuit of a degree. Karl is a great teacher who always knows how to make his classes both functional and interesting. What makes his classes engrossing and useful? Well, probably because he has a deep knowledge of history and literature, among other areas. I really enjoyed learning English with Karl. Even though I took my classes during my lunch breaks at work I was always engaged in the material, and never felt tired or exhausted. Honestly, his lessons felt like a chat or a conversation with an old friend. Is this important for learning? Definitely! Not only did he improve my grammar skills but also increased my vocabulary in both formal and informal English. So if you need lively lessons and quick progress, Karl is the best choice! Good luck! ”

Mike - my online student from Germany

Mike speakingStudent of English, Mike “ To all those who still haven't found a competent English teacher - hello! My name is Mike and, despite my age (41), I'm still trying to improve my English skills. I've been looking for a teacher for quite a long time to sort out my weaknesses in English grammar and conversation style. In my opinion, the secret of a good lesson is to have a tutor who knows exactly what your English language weaknesses are and reacts with the right plan to reduce them. And Karl is that teacher: every lesson is well prepared and has a certain focus tailored to the needs of the student. After a couple of months attending Karl's lessons, I'm convinced there is no better way of learning English online. It's never boring, as there are always funny moments during the lesson! ”

Olga - my online student from Russia

Olga speakingStudent of English, Olga “ Hello! My name is Olga. I have been taking Skype English lessons with Karl for a couple of months and I enjoy this experience immensely. Karl is an excellent English teacher, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching, dedicated, with a lots of various material in line with Skype and web facilities. I am absolutely happy with my English classes with Karl and I recommend you to share this exciting experience! I'd like to thank you, Karl, for a tremendous help and wish you all the best! Good luck! ”

Alexander - my online student from Russia

Alexander speakingStudent of English, Alexander “ Hello English learners! My name is Alexander. I'm Russian, 29 years old and I've been learning English for four years. I've got upper-intermediate English level. Here I would like to tell you about my experience learning English with teacher Karl.
. . . .
So I'm recommending teacher Karl for all levels of English students who want to imrove their English, and I thank him for the great job he's doing. ”

David - my online student from the Czech Republic

David speakingStudent of English, David “ Hi, my name is David. I am 18 and I study at secondary school. I have been attending Karl's courses for five years. And thanks to his courses, I won a regional language competition and, more recently, I passed the FCE examination at grade A. After taking Karl's lessons, I now enjoy watching English films or TV series and reading English books, without problems. And neither do I have a problem understanding native speakers. ”