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The following online English classes have been designed to provide an effective solution covering a wide range of English language needs.

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10 Tips on Learning English

1. Confidence is key: Don't worry about making mistakes. Use native English speakers to help correct you, and then learn from those corrections.

2. Create your own English-speaking universe and put yourself in its centre. Read, watch films in English, take part in English chat forums - anything's good as long as you increase your interaction with English.

3. Practice makes perfect, and it's absolutely true. Create your own English language study plan and stick to it. Remember: progress is possible only when the learner is motivated and disciplined.

4. Enlist the support of family and friends to help you stay on track. Ask them to push you during those moments of weakness and apathy.

5. English comprises of 4 key skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. So, make sure you include all 4 in your study plan. Don't just focus on grammar exercises.

6. Record all new vocabulary in context. Write simple sentences to demonstrate how the words are used. And if you have the opportunity, use them when talking to a native English speaker.

7. Don't overuse a basic memorisation technique, as it only works for short-term learning. Always try to learn vocabulary in context because if it is more meaningful, it will be more memorable.

8. Think about your body clock: If you're not a morning person, try studying in the afternoon.

9. Set yourself a long-term objective to improve your job prospects: do an exam preparation course such as IELTS. By setting yourself a challenging goal you will require discipline and hard work to achieve it.

10. Try giving yourself some short-term goals and do reward yourself when you accomplish each one of them.

My Skype classroom

First of all, the Skype classroom will give you a wonderful chance to practise your conversational English. Also, teaching via Skype gives both the teacher and the student unlimited access to English teaching materials that are just a click away!

Secondly, the teaching effectiveness of the classes is improved as online whiteboards and Skype screen sharing enable me, your teacher, to easily share my visual material with you during the class. Furthermore, experience has taught me that students may not fully understand what is being said to them. So, during your live online English class, both you and I can use instant messaging to check spelling of unknown words or structures used in the class, to explain grammar problems, and to correct any mistakes in your written English homework assignments.

Thirdly, with Skype, students can now access their very own private teacher and engage in clear video and audio interaction with a qualified native English teacher who wants to help them improve their English.